The Commons

The Wyatt Farm Commons is an area on the northeast corner of Vinyard and Hardwick where members of our community can gather and enjoy the outdoors. The initial phases of development, including the the pavilion, picnic tables, grill, and initial landscaping were completed in the spring and summer of 2009. The playground equipment and additional landscaping were installed in the spring of 2010.

Click the pictures below to enlarge. And see our photos page for a collection of pictures of the playground installation.

All Wyatt Farm residents and their guests are welcome to use the Commons area. Please help keep our neighborhood clean and safe!

Residents can “reserve” the pavilion to let the neighborhood know they plan to use the pavilion at a particular date and time. This is a courtesy only, as a means to avoid conflicting events. It is not meant to deny anyone use of the neighborhood resources. And “reservations” apply to the pavilion only — the playground equipment cannot be reserved.

Residents wishing to log a pavilion reservation should send email to

Current Reservations
None pending.