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Skunk traps set

As many of you know, skunks have been a problem this summer nationwide, and we have our share. Several dogs have been sprayed in our neighborhood, and they are a general nuisance.
The Wyatt Farm HOA has contracted with Blue Ridge Wildlife Management to address this situation. Six or seven skunk traps will be set throughout [...]

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Seeking dog information

A Wyatt Farm resident has reported that she and her Doberman were accosted by another dog on the walking paths near Birchleaf as it goes into the Woodbine neighborhood. The Doberman was bitten, breaking the skin. Any information you may have about this would be helpful.
The attacking dog was midsize with short, rusty light brown [...]

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Spring Reminders

Some reminders as we head into spring:

Please watch your speed in the neighborhood, especially on Vinyard (it’s a 25 MPH zone). As the weather turns nice, we have lots of kids playing outside.

If you plan to be away from you house overnight or more, please let your neighbors know so we can look out for [...]

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Possible mail / credit card scam in area

The Wyatt Farm HOA Board has received a report from a homeowner who has had their mail tampered with as part of a credit card scam. The perpetrator(s) apparently obtained a credit card number of the homeowner, possibly by opening a bill from the mailbox. Then they made online purchases with it, having the goods [...]

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